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Civil War Unit Listing

Below is a listing of all units (or parts thereof) that spent at least a few days in the Howard County area. The unit page contains primary and secondary source material for that unit.

1st Delaware Cavalry - Part of the unit was at Relay House, from approximately 4/11/1864-5/8/1864.

1st Connecticut Cavalry - At Annapolis Junction 3/8/1864-3/15/1864.

1st District Regiment - Service along Railroad from Annapolis Junction southwards, 11/30/1861-5/31/1862, at least. Possibly merged into 60th New York at that time.

1st Eastern Shore Volunteers - at Elysville, July 1864. At Relay House, 10/20/1864.

1st Maryland Infantry - At Relay House, 5/20/1861-6/6/1861.

1st Maryland Cavalry - Reported at Annapolis Junction, 3/16/1864.

1st Michigan Infantry - At Annapolis Junction and Laurel, 10/4/1861-2/7/1862 (at least).

1st New Jersey Militia - At Relay House, 7/15/1864-8/12/1864.

1st Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry - At Annapolis Junction and Relay House, 7/27/1861-8/30/1861.

1st Rhode Island Cavalry - Troop A to Relay House, June 24, 1864, rest of unit at Monrovia. July 25th, 1865 rest of unit to Relay House. 7/29/1865-8/3/1865, mustered out at Relay House.

2nd Battalion New York Light Artillery - At Relay House, Md. September to October, 1862. Designated 15th New York Independent Battery Light Artillery October, 1862.

2nd Maryland - reported at Relay House, 1864, by No Greater Glory: Third Edition By Daniel A. Masters.

2nd New Jersey Militia - Several companies guarding railroads at Annapolis Junction and Beltsville, 5/5/1861 - 7/24/1861.

3rd Delaware Infantry - Service at Relay House and Elysville, 6/24/1863-4/1/1864 [at least]

3rd Pennsylvania Artillery - Company H, Capt. William D. Rank, was in skirmish near Cooksville. and served at Relay House, 6/28/1863-8/10/1864 [at least]

3rd Potomac Home Brigade/3rd Maryland Volunteer Infantry - Service at Relay House, Elysville, and Annapolis Junction. Was in skirmish near Cooksville. 6/28/1863-6/10/1864 [at least]

4th Maryland Infantry - Reported at Relay House, September 1862, in letter from the 118th New York.

4th Wisconsin Infantry - Service at Relay House, 7/29/1861-11/4/1861.

5th New York Heavy Artillery - At Relay House, September 1862. [Stationed at Relay House, January to April 9, 1864.]

5th New York State Militia - Service at Annapolis Junction, 4/30/1861-5/12/1861

5th US Artillery - Two guns and thirty men attached to the 14th New Jersey Infantry at Monocacy, 9/4/1862. OR reports a detachment of the 5th US Artillery, under Lieutenant Spooner, with 29 men, at Relay House, August, 1863.

6th Massachusetts Infantry - Service at Relay House, 5/5/1861-7/29/1861

6th New York Cavalry - Company E, under Captain Beardsley, stationed at Cooksville, 9/9/1862 through (at least) 9/11/1862.

6th New York State Militia - Service at Relay House, ca. 5/16/1861 and at Annapolis Junction, 6/29/1861-7/29/1861

6th Veteran Reserve Corps - Reported to be at Laurel, April 26, 1864.

7th Maryland Infantry - spent five days at Relay House in September, 1862.

7th Delaware Infantry - Company B at Relay House, 7/22/1864.

8th Massachusetts Infantry - Service at Relay House, 5/12/1861-7/3/1861

8th New York Cavalry - Service at Relay House, 6/23/1862-8/29/1862

8th New York State Militia - Service at Relay House, 5/5/1861-5/17/1861

8th New York Heavy Artillery - Detachment at Relay House, 8/10/1864, 9/19/1864 and 10/20/1864.

9th New York Heavy Artillery - Detachment at Relay House, 8/10/1864, 9/19/1864 and 10/20/1864.

10th Maine Infantry - Service at Relay House and Annapolis Junction, 11/3/1861-3/8/1862

10th Vermont Volunteers - At Ellicott's Mills and Relay House, 7/9/1864-7/14/1864

11th Maryland Infantry - Company C at Relay House, 12/1864-3/11/1865 [at least]

12th Maryland Infantry - Possible duty on railroad, 11/1864

12th New Jersey Infantry - Service at Ellicott's Mills, 9/8/1862-12/10/1862

13th New York State Militia - possible service at Annapolis Junction, June 1861.

13th Pennsylvania Cavalry - 9/12/1862, ordered to report to Col. Johnson at Ellicott's Mills. 12/10/1862, replaces the 12th NJ at Ellicott's Mills.

14th New Jersey Infantry - At Sykesville, 9/8/1862. At Elysville, 9/5/1862-9/16/1862. Reorganized at Ellicott's Mills after Monocacy.

15th New York Independent Battery Light Artillery - [Duty at Relay House, Md., October, 1862, to January, 1863.] - CWA

18th Veteran Reserve Corps - reported to be at Annapolis Junction, June, July, and August, 1864. Detachment at Beltsville, 8/1864. Definitely at Laurel, July 1864 - Oct., 1864.

20th New York State Militia - Service at Annapolis Junction, 5/11/1861-8/2/1861

21st Massachusetts Infantry - Stationed at Annapolis Junction from 8/30/1861 through 12/18/1861. Some men were previously detailed there as well.

27th Massachusetts Infantry - Company A served at and near Annapolis Junction, mid-November, 1861.

44th Pennsylvania Volunteers - Also known as the 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry and the 15th Pennsylvania Reserves. Companies served on detached duty in and around Baltimore throughout War.

60th Massachusetts Infantry - One week's duty at Relay House, 8/1/1864-8/9/1864.

60th New York Infantry - Service at Relay House, 11/9/1861-6/1862.

67th Pennsylvania Infantry - Retreated from Monocacy with the 10th Vermont, July 9, 1864. Stayed at Ellicott's Mills briefly, and then to Relay House. 7/11/1864-7/14/1864. See:

69th New York State Militia - Service at Annapolis Junction, 4/29/1861-5/2/1861

71st New York State Militia - 5/19/1861. “A part of the seventy-first New York regiment relieved the eighth at the Relay camp”

93rd New York State Militia - at Relay House, 7/26/1864, 8/10/1864. At Elysville, 9/19/1864. At least through 10/4/1864.

94th New York Infantry - Ordered by General Henry H. Lockwood to report to Annapolis Junction and await orders, 5/16/1864.

106th New York Volunteer Infantry - Retreated to Ellicott's Mills after battle of Monocacy, July 9, 1864. Stayed until the 14th.

109th New York Volunteer Infantry - Served in various locations - Laurel, Savage, Beltsville, and Annapolis Junction, 9/8/1862-3/1864. Most of the unit moved to Washington, D. C. in October of 1863. Two companies remained to guard the railroad until approximately March of 1864.

118th New York Infantry - At Relay House, September, 1862 through at least 10/23/1862. Some soldiers appeared to have remained at Relay House into 1863.

126th New York Infantry - Stayed at Ellicott's Mills, Relay House, and Annapolis Junction for part of 2 days after surrendering at Harper's Ferry, 9/20/1862-9/22/1862.

131st New York Volunteer Infantry - One week encamped at Laurel, MD., 9/15/1862-9/20/1862.

138th Pennsylvania Volunteers -Service at Relay House, 8/30/1862-6/16/1863. Company A at Dorsey's Switch, 4/20/1864-6/12/1864.

141st New York Volunteer Infantry - Service at Laurel, 9/15/1862-11/24/1862.

144th Ohio Infantry - At Annapolis Junction, May 30, 1864. At Relay House, Elysville, and Annapolis Junction, 8/18/1864.

147th Pennsylvania Infantry - Reported at Relay House, 9/1/1862.

149th Ohio Infantry - Reported at Relay House, 8/10/1864, per OR, but no evidence they were ever there, see below.

150th New York Infantry - Company D spent several days at Elysville, December, 1862.

157th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Letters of Jefferson Glover indicate unit was at Relay House from May 20th, 1864 through June 5, 1864.

213th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry - Service at Elysville and Relay House, 4/6/1865-6/15/1865 [at least].

Cook's Battery Boston Light Artillery, 1st Massachusetts Light Artillery - Service at Relay House, 5/5/1861-6/16/1861.

Dodd's Rifles - Also known as Company D, Third Battalion of Rifles, Militia Infantry, Minute Men of '61. Service at Relay House, 5/14/1861

Howard Dragoons - At Ellicott's Mills, 4/19/1861. Eventually became the 1st Maryland Cavalry, C. S. A.

Patapsco Guard - Organized at Ellicott's Mills, 9/25/1861, service until 5/24/1862.

Purnell Legion - Service at Relay House 6/15/1863-6/24/1863.

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