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The 4th Maryland Infantry in Howard County

Reported at Relay House, September 1862

Primary Sources
Archival and Secondary Sources


“From the History & Roster of Maryland Veterans: THE Fourth Regiment of Infantry, Maryland Volunteers, was organ- ized at Baltimore, Md., in July and August, 1862, with the excep- tion of Company E, which was recruited io Carroll County, Md. The regiment consisted of nine companies, viz., Companies A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I. The regiment was recruited for three years. The Fourth Regiment was assigned to the celebrated Mary- land Brigade of Infantry, commanded by General John R. Kenly. The regiment was hurried to the field, September 18, 1862, before it was fully com- pleted, for the purpose of reinforcing the Army of the Potomac, under General McClel- lan, then on the Antietam.”

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