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The 71st New York State Militia in Howard County

Service at Relay House, 5/19/1861. It's possible a detachment of engineers from this unit remained longer.

Primary Sources
Archival and Secondary Sources

WIKIPEDIA - โ€œ NCO and enlisted men of the 71st The 71st Infantry Regiment is an organization of the New York State Guard. Formerly, the 71st Infantry was a regiment of the New York State Militia and then the Army National Guard from 1850 to 1993. The regiment was not renumbered during the 1918 national reorganization due to being broken up to staff other units from 1917โ€“1919,[1] and never received a National Guard number.

American Civil War On April 16, 1861, 380 men mustered under Colonel Vosburgh at the State Arsenal, in response to President Lincoln's call for 75,000 troops. On April 21, the 71st paraded down Broadway and headed to the front.[2]

Arrival in Washington The 71st, then called to service for three months under Colonel Henry P. Martin, arrived in Washington on May 21, 1861, and was bivouacked at the Washington Navy Yard. โ€

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