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Military Operations at Elysville, MD, 1861-1865

Figure 1: Martenet's Map of Howard County, Maryland : drawn entirely from actual surveys
Figure 2: Military map, Baltimore Co., Md. Kaiser, George.
Figure 3: Elysville Bridge, 1857

ca. 8/30/1862 - 138th Pennsylvania Volunteers. “Company A was stationed at Jessop's Cut, or Hooversville, Company C at Dorsey's Switch, Company E at Hanover Switch, and Company D at Elk Ridge Landing…Company B was sent to guard Ellicott's Mills, and a detachment of Company I to Elysville…four companies remained at Relay House…” - History of the One hundred and thirty-eighth regiment, Pennsylvania … Lewis, Osceola.

9/5/1862 - “The citizens of Elysville were very kind…At 10 o'clock the regiment marched up a hill about one mile, encamping in an orchard, remaining ten days…The regiment was encamped on a farm belonging to an officer in the rebel army…On the 16th of September, orders came for the regiment to proceed to Monocacy.” - Campaign of the Fourteenth Regiment New Jersey Volunteers by Terrill, J. Newton.

9/6/1862 - 14th New Jersey Infantry. “We are very pleasantly located a mile southeast of Elysville in a beautiful orchard…We are camped in an apple orchard and a splendid position it is. The water is excellent. The trees are loaded down with fruit and we are in an enemy country and on a Secesh farm. The owners name is Dorcey and he is rank Secesh. He came over when we first came here, but had little to say as it was not well for him to say much.” - Upon the Tented Field, by Bernard A. Olsen

9/11/1862 - “At about 11 o'clock, P. M., we halt at Elysville, eighteen miles from the “Relay House,” and twenty-seven miles from Baltimore, on the same road. Here we find another bridge to protect…A Maine regiment was quartered here for some time” - Monmouth Democrat, 9/11/1862

9/15/1862 - “…in due time we reached Eleysville, a small station on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Here the Fourteenth New Jersey…were stationed, and a detachment from the First Maryland for picket and guard duty.” - The Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/15/1862

12/1862 - “Late in December Stuart's cavalry were raiding in the vicinity of Elysville…Here was a bridge over the Patapsco River, and the town also possessed a valuable cotton mill. Company D…was sent to protect this property and remained on duty there a few days…” - The “Dutchess County Regiment”: (150th Regiment of New York State Volunteers…edited by Stephen Guernsey Cook, Charles Edward Benton

6/24/1863 - “…the Purnell Legion and the Third Delaware are at the Relay House, and guarding the railroad out to Annapolis Junction, where they connect with Heintzelman, and from the Relay House out to Elysville, on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad…” - O.R.– SERIES I–VOLUME XXVII/3 [S# 45]

8/1863 - OR reports the 3rd Delaware, with 25 officers and 211 men are at Elysville. - 134 Series I Volume XXIX-II Serial 49

Summer, 1864 - “The claimant alleges that in the summer of 1864, the military command of Brigadier General E. B. Tyler, stationed at the Relay House, cut down and removed from his premises, in Howard County, lying adjacent, three hundred and ninety trees, valued at $4,980, used as timber for block-houses at the Relay House and at Elysville.” - index of reports of committees of the house of representatives, 1870.

7/11/1864 - “Captain Numbers, First Eastern Shore Volunteers, at Elysville, reports the enemy's cavalry in large force within five miles of that place. Lieutenant Garey, of his command, set out with a squad, met a marauding party, taking 2 prisoners and horses, and killing 1 lieutenant.” - War of the Rebellion: Serial 071 Page 0213 Chapter XLIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

7/12/1864 - “Our pickets had a skirmish beyond Elysville this morning with a squad of rebel cavalry, killing a lieutenant in command, and capturing two, the balance escaping.” - Evening Star, 7/12/1864

[12/29/1873 - “Death of Ishmael Day. …Mr. Day, it will be remembered, shot a young Confederate soldier in Baltimore county, July 11, 1864, during the raid of Harry Gilmore…Mr. Day had the United States flag flying at his farm, and two young Confederates…rode up and ordered Mr. Day to take down that flag…Mr. Day then shot the young man…”] - Baltimore Sun, 12/29/1873

8/10/1864 - “Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Elysville, detachment One hundred and forty-fourth Ohio State National Guard, 60. ” - O.R.–SERIES I–VOLUME XLIII/1 [S# 90]

9/19/1864 - “Elysville: Company G, Ninety-third Regiment New York State National Guard, Capt. J. O. Gentleman.” - O.R.–SERIES I–VOLUME XLIII/1 [S# 91]

9/19/1864 - “The Ninety-third New York National Guard have six companies at Elysville and one company at Annapolis Junction.” - The war of the rebellion: a compilation of the official … ser.01 v.43 pt.02

10/8/1864 - “I have but 534 infantry men in my command…There are only eighty-eight men (mostly boys) of the Ninety-third New York State National Guards at this post [Relay House], and they are now under orders to proceed to Elysville to strengthen that post.” - O. .R.–SERIES I–VOLUME XLIII/2

10/20/1864 - “The Ninety-third New York State National Guard have six companies at Elysville and one company at Annapolis Junction.” - O.R.–SERIES I–VOLUME XLIII/1 [S# 91]

4/6/1865 - 213th Pennsylvania Infantry. “…we live in a block house on a hill about 200 feet from the railroad we can see a great way of[f]…” - from a letter on

Figure 4: ellicott_city_times_10_26_1878
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