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The Patapsco Guard in Howard County

Organized at Ellicott's Mills, 9/25/1861, service until 5/24/1862

Primary Sources
Archival and Secondary Sources

“Organized at Ellicott's Mills, M&, September 25, 1861. Attached to Dix's Command, Baltimore, Md, to March, 1862. Railroad Brigade, Middle Department, to July, 1862. Railroad Bridge, 8th Army Corps, Middle Department, to September, 1862. Unassigned, 8th Army Corps, to January, 1863. 2nd Separate Brigade, 8th Army Corps, to June, 1863. York, Pa., Dept. of the Susquehanna, to December, 1863. Dept. of the Susquehanna to August, 1865.

SERVICE.–Guard duty on the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad until September, 1862. Duty at York, Pa., until June, 1863. Moved to Shippensburg, Pa., June 17; thence to Columbia. Defense of bridge at Wrightsville June 29. At Harrisburg, Pa., until August. At York, Pa., until December, 1863. At Harrisburg and Carlisle, Pa., until July, 1864. At Chambersburg, Pottsville and Phillipsburg, Pa., until March, 1865. Action at Chambersburg July 29-30, 1864. In Juniata District until August, 1865. Mustered out August 17, 1865.”

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