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The 1st Delaware Cavalry in Howard County

Service at Relay House, 4/11/1864-5/8/1864.

Primary Sources
Archival and Secondary Sources

WIKIPEDIA - “The 1st Regiment Delaware Volunteer Cavalry was a cavalry regiment of the Union Army in the American Civil War.

Raised in late 1862, the regiment was reduced to a battalion designated the 1st Battalion Delaware Volunteer Cavalry due to the inability of the state to fill a cavalry regiment to full strength. It served on provost duty in Maryland and Delaware from 1863 to early 1864, and fought in the Action at Westminster known as Corbit's Charge during the Gettysburg Campaign. It participated in the Overland Campaign in June 1864, then returned to Maryland after the Confederate cavalry raid of Jubal Early. It remained there for the remainder of the war, and was mustered out after its end.”

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