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In addition to the linked books and resources on the All Units pages, the following resources were used for this site.

Online Newspapers


Archival Resources and Books

  • A History Of The 4th Wisconsin Infantry And Cavalry In The Civil War; Author: Michael J. Martin
  • American Family History - Fox, Ellicott, Evans Author: Evans Charles Worthington
  • A Wisconsin Yankee in Confederate Bayou Country, The Civil War Reminiscences of a Union General by Halbert Eleazer Paine
  • “Bully For The Band!” : The Civil War Letters And Diary Of Four Brothers In The 10th Vermont Infantry Band; Author: Charles George, Herbert George, Jere George And Osman George ; Edited By James A. Davis.
  • “Dear Friend Anna” : the Civil War letters of a common soldier from Maine; Abial Hall Edwards
  • From Camp To Cannon's Mouth : The Letters Of Four Union Soldiers During The Civil War; Author: Douglas Holden & Garda Parker
  • The Civil War journals of John Mead Gould, 1861-1866 by John Mead Gould (Book)
  • Upon the Tented Field, by Bernard A. Olsen


Jessup was also called Andersonville, Hooversville, and Pierceland
Elysville was also called Henryton, Daniels, and Alberton

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