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The 8th New York State Militia in Howard County

Service at Relay House, 5/5/1861-5/17/1861

Primary Sources
Archival and Secondary Sources

“The following is taken from Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: [The Bureau], (C. Wendell), 1866. EIGHTH REGIMENT, N. Y. S. MILITIA. The Eighth regiment is in the Second brigade, First division of the State militia organization. It left New York on the 23d of April. The field officers were: Colonel—George Lyons. Lieutenant-Colonel—Charles G. Waterbury. Major—Obed. F. Wentworth. The regiment embarked, a portion on the steamship Alabama, and the remainder on the ship Montgomery, The line of their march through the streets of New York was the scene of wild enthusiasm, and their friends gathering in balconies and windows, and cheering and inspiring the soldiers with their smiles and warm approvals. They proceeded to Annapolis, and thence to Washington, and were encamped at Arlington House, Virginia. The regiment was engaged in the battle of Bull Run, and served in the First brigade (Colonel Andrew Porter's), Second division (Colonel Hunter's). Colonel Porter makes honorable mention of the services of the Eighth New York Militia in his report. Upon first entering service, the regiment remained at Annapolis until the 8th of May, when, accompanied by the 6th Massachusetts Militia, the whole under command of General Butler, they proceeded to the Relay House and took position commanding Railroad Bridge. On the 19th of May, a detachment of 600 men, under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Waterbury and Major Wentworth, and a like detachment of the Sixth Massachusetts, under Colonel Jones, proceeded by railroad to Baltimore and took possession of Federal Hill, thus commanding that city; being the first troops to enter Baltimore after the riots. A few days afterwards, being relieved by Pennsylvania troops, the detachment returned to the Relay House, where the regiment remained until about the 8th of June, when it proceeded to Washington and went into camp at Kalorama,…”

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