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The 118th New York Infantry in Howard County

At Relay House, 9/5/1862 through at least 10/23/1862. Some soldiers appeared to have remained at Relay House into 1863.

Primary Sources
Archival and Secondary Sources

WIKIPEDIA - “The 118th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment was recruited for service in the American Civil War (1861–65) from Clinton, Essex, and Warren counties in Northern New York. Known as “The Adirondack Regiment,” the unit saw service along the Atlantic Coast in the Department of Virginia before transferring to the Army of the James in 1864. With the latter, they were engaged in the Overland Campaign and the subsequent siege of Petersburg.


Col. Samuel T. Richards received authority on July 7, 1862, to organize an infantry regiment of men from Clinton, Essex, and Warren counties. The regiment was formed and mustered into federal service at Plattsburg, New York, the following month and was appropriately dubbed the “Adirondack Regiment.”

The regiment left New York on September 3, 1862, to take up their assignment of guard and provost duty in Washington, D.C. with the Provisional Brigade, Abercrombie's Division, Defenses of Washington.”

Company A - principally recruited from Queensbury, Warren County and Plattsburg, Clinton County
Company B - principally recruited from Chazy, Ellenburg and Saranac, all of Clinton County
Company C - principally recruited from St. Armand, Jay, Keene, North Elba and Wilmington, all of Essex County
Company D - principally recruited from Horicon, Chester, Johnsburg and Luzerne, all of Warren County
Company E - principally recruited from Crown Point, Moriah, New-comb, North Hudson, Schroon and Ticonderoga, all of Essex County
Company F - principally recruited from Essex, Elizabethtown, Moriah and Westport, all of Essex County
Company G - principally recruited from Luzerne, Delaware County; Bolton, Caldwell, Johnsburg, Stony Creek and Warrensburg, all of Warren County
Company H - principally recruited from Plattsburg, Clinton County
Company I - principally recruited from Champlain, Chazy, Dannemora and Mooers, all of Clinton County
Company K - principally recruited from Au Sable, Black Brook and Peru, all of Clinton County

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