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Archival and Secondary Sources for the 4th Wisconsin Infantry

  • Martin, Michael, A History of the 4th Wisconsin Infantry and Cavalry in the American Civil War. Savas-Beatie, 2006.
  • Collection Newton H. Culver, WVM ID Number WVM Mss 234, Title Papers and photographs, 1916.
  • Paine, Halbert E, Halbert E. Paine, Eliza P. Ladd, Eliza L. B. Paine, Thomas Williams, and Fred G. Benton. Halbert E. Paine Papers. , 1861. Archival material. Louisiana State University.
  • A Wisconsin Yankee in Confederate Bayou Country, The Civil War Reminiscences of a Union General by Halbert E. Paine
  • Jerry E. Flint papers, 1861-1866. University of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • Letters, 1861. Alvin J Hoskins, 1861. Wisconsin Historical Society Archives.
  • Sanborn and Crandall family papers, 1857-2006. Wisconsin Historical Society Archives.
  • Dear and beloved wife– : no more at present, Albert A. Plumb : love letters from the Civil War, Author: Gordon S Wood; Juliann Wood-Parshall; Clara Barton
  • Hero of the Red River : the life and times of Joseph Bailey / [Michael J. Goc.]. USAHEC.
  • “The Experiences of a Child in the Civil War”, Eliza P. Ladd, LSU Archives
  • Andrews Rufus. “Kiss Each Other For Me”: The Civil War Letters of…1861-1863. Iron Mountain, MI: Mid-Peninsula Library Cooperative, 1979. 73 p. E601.A527.1979.

USAHEC Resources

  • Durgin, George W. Civil War Letters, 1861-1864. [Compiled by George L. & Virginia M. Durgin. n.p., 1991. 228 p. E537.6.4th.D97.
  • Bailey-Stroud Coll (Letters from enlisted man [Bailey to Stroud], Jan 27, 1860-Jun 11, 1866)
  • Aldrich, Lewis C. - CWDocColl (Undated)
  • Burnett, Edward L. - LeighColl Book 46: 37-40 (Private’s affidavits for wife and “extra pay due him, Feb 24, 1864)
  • Peck, George W. - CWTIColl (Enlisted man's recollection, 1864)
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