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Primary Sources for the Howard Dragoons

The Daily Exchange, April 24, 1861


The Howard Dragoons, numbering over fifty men, commanded by Capt. Geo. R. Gaither, Jr., who have been quartered at Miller’s Hotel, on Paca street, since Sunday evening, yesterday morning returned to their headquarters at Carroll’s Manor, about six miles from Ellicott’s Mills, to await further orders.


Philadelphia Inquirer, April 29, 1861

The Howard county troops, commanded by Major GEORGE R. GAITHER, Jr., were called out on Friday by the commandant, and proceeded at brisk trot for Jessop’s Cut, for the purpose of reconnoitering. The Cut is three or four miles from the Annapolis Junction, where the United States troops are passing on the road to Washington.


The Baltimore Sun, May 3, 1861


Our Maryland exchanges continue to note the formation and movements of volunteer companies. Every where throughout the State companies are forming—not for the purpose of aggression or invasion—but for defense and for the preservation of peace and order. The Patapsco Enterprise, published at Ellicott’s Mills, speaking of the volunteer companies in Howard county, says:

The finely equipped troop of Howard Dragoons, Capt. Gaither, repaired promptly to Baltimore last Sunday. the 2ist ult., and reported themselves at head-quarters, and were gladly accepted and put on duty till Wednesday morning, when they were ordered to their armory at Doughoregan Manor, and from thence to act as a corps of observation upon the roads throughout the upper part of Howard leading from Pennsylvania to Washington. We heard many encomiums passed upon the fine appearance of our crack troop during a Visit to Baltimore on Monday, and their promptness of response to the defense of the State and Southern rights is highly applauded, especially when contrasted with the action of the Border Guards, an infantry company of this place, who have refused to respond—not alone to the call of State defense and Southern rights—but also to the more direct call of Col. Charles Carroll, commander of the 39d regiment, and have therefore disbanded. The Elkridge Guards have been drilling and exercising in cavalry tactics at Woodley, and will soon be ready for effective and prompt service.

The prompt action of Lisbon and Clarksville in organizing the citizens of their neighborhoods into Home Guards for the protection of persons and property, has been followed by Cooksviile and other places in this region of country.


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