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Archival and Secondary Sources for the 12th New Jersey Infantry

  • To Gettysburg and beyond : the Twelfth New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, II Corps, Army of the Potomac, 1862-1865 by Edward G Longacre (Book)
  • Longacre, Edward G. Boys, your work is done. (Excerpted from a typescript memoir of George A. Bowen). [Company C, 12th NJ Volunteer Infantry]. In: New Jersey History, volume 95, Summer 1977, pp. 101-109.
  • While my country is in danger : the life and letters of Lieutenant Colonel Richard S. Thompson, Twelfth New Jersey Volunteers by Gerry Harder Poriss (Book)
  • 12th New Jersey Volunteers, 1862-65 by Frederick W Jago (Book)
  • Joseph B. Husted diary, University of Michigan.
  • Stratton, James S., Civil War Papers, Virginia and Trenton, NJ, 1863-1864, reflecting service as an officer in the 12th New Jersey Infantry. Rutgers University.
  • Capt. George Bowen Civil War papers, 1862-1865, Salem County Historical Society, Salem, N.J.
  • Smith, David V. M. (1823-1863) - Collection of David V. Smith, D company, 12th regiment, New Jersey, infantry. Gilder Lehrman Collection GLC04189
  • Letter from J. Frank Brown, Quartermaster, headquarters of the 12th NJ Regiment, to Capt. E.L. Stratton of Co. [I], regarding a special order from Col. Johnson on the size of the camp, dated September 27th, 1862. Gloucester (NJ) County Historical Society
  • Copy of a letter from Lieutenant Benjamin F. VanMeter, Co. H of the 12th NJ Regiment, to Rev. J.[E] Morell, with an account of important events the 12th NJ Regiment was involved in from May 3rd, 1862 to November 9th, 1864. Gloucester (NJ) County Historical Society
  • Letter from Thomas J. Sprou[?] to Captain George Bow[en] containing assorted reminisces of Thomas’s experiences in the 12th NJ Regiment starting with his enlistment in 1862, dated November 18th, 1904. Gloucester (NJ) County Historical Society
  • The patriot. (Trenton, N.J.) 1861-1862, Division of Arch & Records Mgt, Trenton, NJ, 1862:5:30-10:29.
  • The Constitution, and farmers' and mechanics' advertiser. (Woodbury, N.J.) 1834-1945, Woodbury, N.J. (1834-1945). <1862:9:23>, <1864:2:23-1867:12:18> Division of Arch & Records Mgt, Trenton, NJ.
  • National standard and Salem County advertiser. (Salem, N.J.) 1849-1867, Gloucester Cnty Hist Soc, Woodbury, NJ [Microfilm=<1849:3:21-1867:12:4>] - Also different film at NJ State Archives
  • Gamble, Charles W. Letters Home from Civil War Soldier Charles Gamble, 1862-1864. [Compiled by Mark Flinchpaugh] St. Joseph, ME: J.L. Flinchpaugh, 2011. 125 p. E521.5.12thG36.
  • Johnson, Paul S. “12th New Jersey War Map.” North South Trader’s Civil War (Vol. 30, no. 2 (2004): pp. 22-24. Per. (Map carried by SGT Samuel Mattson, Co. B.)
  • Incidents of personal experience Slater, Thomas Ogden. 1916. Book. Available on fiche, hardback copy in Frederick at Wonder Books
  • 2 letters from Andrew Hann 1862 from Camp Johnson in MD, Salem County Historical Society

From Longacre

  • Christopher Mead, “Major Davis”, William Potter, Eli Middleton, William S. Hineline, “Lt. Pierson”, Asa Burt, Newton M. Brooks, Virgil Willett
  • Salem Standard
  • Woodbury Constitution

USAHEC Resources

  • Johnson, Robert C. - LeighColl Book 8: 53 (COL's letter, Sep 11, 1862)
  • Lader, Paul J. “The Personal Journey of Pvt. David Ballinger, Company H, 12th New Jersey Volunteers.” Gettysburg Magazine No. 23: pp. 76-103. E475.53.G482no23.
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