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Military Operations at Mount Airy, MD, 1861-1865

6/10/1864 - 3rd Potomac Home Brigade. “Disposition on June 10, 1864, Company C at Elysville, Co. F at Hoods Mill, Cos. A and G at Mount Airy.” Battle of West Frederick, July 7, 1864: Prelude to Battle of Monocacy By Joseph V. Collins.

8/10/1864 - “Mount Airy, five companies Eleventh Maryland Infantry, 327.” - O.R.–SERIES I–VOLUME XLIII/1 [S# 90]

9/19/1864 - “Mount Airy: Companies A, B, E, and headquarters Twelfth Maryland Infantry, Lieut. Col. J. L. Bishop. ” - O.R.–SERIES I–VOLUME XLIII/1 [S# 91]

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