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Primary Sources for the 6th New York State Militia

Boston Herald, May 11, 1861

The Empire City has arrived with the remainder of the 13th N. Y. Regiment. The 20th N. Y. Regiment leaves today, the 5th Regiment guarding the Railroad from Annapolis to Bladensburg. Major Stafford of the 6th N. Y. Regiment expected an attack on Camp Butler night before last, as a suspicious company known as the States Right Cavalry, had paraded this same day within four miles. The Major has obtained all the names but three. He refuses proffered aid from headquarters.


Boston Post, May 14, 1861



Thomas P. Rich, Esq., Charman of the Committee, &c.—Dear Sir,—I have the honor as well as the gratification to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of May 6th, enclosing copy of resolutions passed by your Committee. Rest assured, dear sir, that the uniform you contemplate sending will be very acceptable to my command. The uniform that we left Boston in is not a suitable one for active service—and I can assure you that we are having active duty to perform every day. It was made more for a dress parade suit, and is not suitable for this hot climate. We left Washington on Sunday last, by order of Gen. Butler, and selected the top of a very high hill as the site for our camp. Our camp equipage had not arrived, and since that time until this evening (for it arrived to-day) the Sixth Regiment have had nothing for a covering except such as could be made with brush, and nothing under or over them in the shape of cloth but the one blanket that the State furnished. Since Sunday it has rained forty-eight hours, and the brave boys have received this moistening upon their backs day and night without any fault finding. How valuable your “India rubber sheets” will be I will leave you to judge. We are all anxious to have this unhappy difficulty in our land settled as quickly as possible, so that we can return home. But let us have the matter so left that we never again shall hear of a State seceding. Maryland is all right. You never can drive her out of the Union. The cowardly attack on our regiment in Baltimore has aroused the Union men so that the public sentiment is now all Union. Please send seventy uniforms by Adams' Express Co., marked “W. S. Sampson, Co. K, 6th Regiment M. V. M.. Washington Junction, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.” I should be pleased, my dear sir, to give you more items that perhaps would interest you, but I have not the time now. Our food now is very good. Please take note that every commissioned officer who enters the service should be provided with a revolver, for his own safety. This perhaps will be of use to new companies forming. Very truly yours, W. S. SAMPSON, Com. Co. K.


Alexandria Gazette, May 16, 1861

The Relay House military post was held on Monday by about 1,000 of New York Infantry under command of Col. Lyons. This force has since been reinforced by troops from Washington, including the Eighth Massachusetts Regiment, Making 2,000 or 3,000 in all there. The Twentieth New York Regiment is at the Annapolis Junction.


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