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Primary Sources for the 213th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

Age, March 7, 1865

THE 213TH REGIMENT PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEERS.—This regiment, recruited entirely in this city, is now at Camp Cadwallader awaiting marching orders. The following is a correct list of the officers:

Colonel-—-John A. Gorgas.
Lieutenant Colonel Jacob M. Davis.
Major—Enos R. Artman.
Surgeon—J.R- Shrieve,
Adjutant—J. L McIlhenny.
Quartermaster—F. A. Chadwick.
Sergeant Major—Robert M. Barber.
Quartermaster Sergeant—Joseph H Condon.
Commissary Sergeant—William H. Grouse.
Company A–Wiliam H. McMinn, Captain; Charles W Bender, First Lieutenant; James M. Anthony, Second Lieutenant
Company B—James N. Blondin, Captain; Frank D Bingham, First Lieutenant; Birdel Brown, Second Lieutenant.
Company C—S. W. Pettit Captain; James Davis First Lieutenant; H S. Godshall, Second Lieutenant.
Company D—John Kennedy, Captain; Lemuel Buch, First Lieutenant.
Company E—Henry C. Williams, Captain; Francis Randolph, First Lieutenant; Walter S. Dowell, Second Lieutenant.
Company F—Richard W. Davis, Captain; Thos. M. Bender, First Lieutenant; Horace M. Rowand, Second Lieutenant.
Company G—-William Babe, Captain; M. L Littlefield, First Lieutenant; James Garrick, Second Lieutenant.
Company H- F. A. Snyder, Captain; John Smith, First Lieutenant; George W. Henzey, Second Lieutenant.
Company I—C. W. Dyer. Captain; Samuel F. Ball, First Lieutenant; Cnristopher Wycroft, Second Lieutenant.
Company K— Lewis Stanton, Captain; F. L Mannes, First Lieutenant; Jacob Churchill, Second Lieutenant.


Huber letter, found on

Elyville April 6th. 1865 Dear Cousin.

I take the pleasure of writing you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope you are all well also. I tell you I like soldiers life right well and we have plenty of writing to do and Elyville is fool of ladys that suits me you know we live in a block house on a hill about 200 feet from the railroad we can see a great way of and the country the war will soon be over anyhow Richmond is taken and that is the

main town and I expect the war will not last long no more cirtainly it cannot last long no more well you must write soon and tell me how you are geting along all all the news you know and what you think of the great victory gained pleas write soon and tell me how you are geting along no more.

From your dear cousin. Direct your letter in this way.

Wilson Huber Detachment 213 regt. P. V. Elyville Howard Co. Maryland. huber_letter.jpg

Reading Times, June 20, 1865

From the Army.

Head-Qrs. Co. D,, 218 Regt., P. V., Camp Parole near Annapolis, Md., June 15th, 1865.

MESSRS. WHITMAN, HAAS & SHALTERS;- —Gentlemen :—I would have written to you ere this and requested you to forward to me your sprightly and interesting paper, The Daily Times, that I might once more behold reflected therein your smiling countenances, but I was prevented from writing owing to a felon on my right thumb, of some three month's duration, and still tender; but thank Providence it is healing up, and you shall be the recipients of the third letter that I have written in that time.

Know ye then fair Times, that Company D, 218th Regt., P. V., is composed of men from the County of Berks, including the City of Reading, who are in the enjoyment of good health and spirits, there not being & sick man on my morning report at this writing, although our duties are very heavy, and rations very short, the boys are contented and happy.

Our detail for Guard is 130 men, daily; there being only five Companies here at this post, is the cause of the heavy detail. After leaving Philadelphia on our arrival at Baltimore, the Regiment was split in the following manner, viz: 5 companies sent here under command of the Colonel ; 1 to Annapolis on Provost duty: 1 to Fort Dix, at Relay House, under command of Lieut. Colonel; and three to Monocacy Junction, under command of the Major. There is a rumor that 8 companies are to leave here for Guard duty, along the Baltimore & Ohio R. R., how truthful Madame Rumor may be time will only tell.

Francis C. Rhode, late Ordinance Sergeant, of the 20th Penna. Cav., son of your esteemed townsman, W. C. Rhode, Esq., will be mustered out the service and paid off this week. He visits me daily, and in his quiet and modest way gives me the particulars of his hair-breadth escapes by flood and field, as also his long incarceration in Dixey. Sergt. Rhode may well be proud of the part he has taken to crush this Rebellion. Pardon me for my lengthy epistle, it was not my intention, being prevented from corresponding as above stated, I have entirely forgotten myself.

I have the honor to be gentlemen, with much respect your obedient servant, JOHN KENNEDY,
Capt. Com. Co, D. 213th P. V.


Age, November 21, 1865

Military. The 213th Regt. Pennsylvania volunteers will arrive in this city to-day from Washington.


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