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Archival and Secondary Sources for the 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry

  • Hand, Harold, Jr. One Good Regiment: The 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry in the Civil War,1861-1865.
  • Dougherty, Michael. Diary of a Civil War Hero. NY: Pyramid Books, 1960. 128 p. E611.D72.
  • Fox, Arthur B. Our Honored Dead: Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in the American Civil War. Chicora, PA: Mechling Bookbindery, 2008. pp. 292-96. F157.A4.F69.
  • Kovar, Linda L. “Thomas and Samuel Livingston’s Civil War.” Military Images (Mar/Apr 2008): pp. 16-19. Per. Thomas served with Company C, 110th Pennsylvania Infantry; Samuel Company D, 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry.

USAHEC Resources

  • Dougherty, Michael - CWMiscColl (Enlisted man's diary, Oct 1863, Jan-Dec 1864)
  • McCahan Family - HCWRTColl (Officer's papers, 1861-1864)
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