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-<figure label> +//Broome Republican//,​ December 11, 1861 
-{{:{{ :​1st_district:​binghamton_ny_broome_republican_12_11_1861.jpg?​400 |img}} + 
-<​caption>​binghamton_ny_broome_republican_12_11_1861</​caption>​ +Col. Robinson and the District Volunteers 
 +The Washington Correspondent of the New York Times gives the following intelligence: 
 +Col. Tait's District of Columbia Volunteers have been assigned to the brigade now 
 +commanded by Col. John C. Robinson of the First Michigan Regiment, and which is doing 
 +duty in guarding the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, between this city and Baltimore. Col. 
 +Robinson is a Captain of the Fifth Infantry United States Army, and has been twenty 
 +years in service, mostly on the frontiers. He was in command of Fort McHenry during the Baltimore riot, and though he had with him only two hundred recruits and a limited armament in the fort, by his firm course prevented the fort from being attacked. His claims are being pressed for an appointment as Brigadier-General. 
 ---- ----
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