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Primary Sources for the 1st District Regiment

The Baltimore Sun, November 30, 1861

The First District of Columbia regiment marched from the city in the morning to the line of the Washington Branch railroad, which they are to assist in guarding between this and Annapolis Junction.


Broome Republican, December 11, 1861

Col. Robinson and the District Volunteers

The Washington Correspondent of the New York Times gives the following intelligence: Col. Tait's District of Columbia Volunteers have been assigned to the brigade now commanded by Col. John C. Robinson of the First Michigan Regiment, and which is doing duty in guarding the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, between this city and Baltimore. Col. Robinson is a Captain of the Fifth Infantry United States Army, and has been twenty years in service, mostly on the frontiers. He was in command of Fort McHenry during the Baltimore riot, and though he had with him only two hundred recruits and a limited armament in the fort, by his firm course prevented the fort from being attacked. His claims are being pressed for an appointment as Brigadier-General.


Cincinnati Daily Press, February 13, 1862

The Washington Republican says:

Daring the month of January, John C. Rives, Esq., publisher of the Congressional Globe, of this city, distributed the sum of $1,470 to the families of the privates in the First District Regiment, now stationed on the Washington Branch Railroad, between this city and Beltsville. Mr, Rives obligated himself, in September last, to pay to the wife of each volunteer from this District, $10 per month, and to each child $1 per month, Since that time he has expended among the families of the soldiers nearly $7,000.


The Baltimore Sun, April 8, 1862

The headquarters of the First District Regiment have been removed from Bladensburg to Beltsville. Lieut. Philip L. Rodier, brother to Capt. Chas. H. Rodier, deceased, has been promoted to a captaincy, and commands company I.


The Baltimore Sun, May 31, 1862

The First District of Columbia Regiment, which has been for a long time stationed along this end of the line of the Washington branch railroad, having recently gone into more active service, has, it is stated, consolidated with the Sixtieth New York Regiment, the command devolving upon Col. James A. Tait, of the former regiment.


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