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-<figure label> +//The Daily Exchange//, June 17, 1861 
-{{:{{ :​13th_nysm:​the_daily_exchange_mon_jun_17_1861.jpg?​400 |img}} + 
-<​caption>​the_daily_exchange_mon_jun_17_1861</​caption>​ +Movements of Troops. 
 +The movement of Federal troops in this vicinity Was quite active yesterday. At an early hour in the morning the Third Michigan regiment, numbering 1,040 men, passed through this city, en route  
 +for Washington. They came by the Northern Central Railway. About the same hour there arrived over the Philadelphia road about three hundred New York volunteers, destined for Washington. The Boston Light Artillery, with a full battery, in the afternoon came into this city from the Relay House, where they have been encamped with the Massachusetts Sixth and Eighth regiments for some time. They are now encamped near the camp of the Maryland volunteers, at McPherson’s.— About seven o’clock last evening the New York Thirteenth regiment reached this city from Annapolis and Annapolis Junction. That portion which had been encamped at Annapolis Junction came in by railroad, while that portion from Annapolis came up by steamboat. The entire regiment repaired to Fort McHenry.  
 +{{ :​13th_nysm:​the_daily_exchange_mon_jun_17_1861.jpg?​linkonly|}} 
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