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 +Letter of J. E. Mitchell to his Sister Persis
 +Relay House, Nov. 21\\
 +My Dear Sister
 +I reiceved your kind letter last night. I began to think of you the same as you did of me It is a very pleasant morning and I expect the people in maine are having a big thanksgeiving. I rather guess we shall have a big one too If you could see what arrived for our mess of five last night three turkeyes baked in tiptop shape about a bushel of Cakes and pies but to tell you the truth Per's your letter done me more good than all the thanksgiving dinners in the state of maine. We lead a kind of steady life here no news and not much excitement I have been on the sick list for two days. haveing a very bad cold which about 9/10 of the men have. You dident believe I would go again well when I left you I had made up my mind to go and I was positive that I should not see you again but I dident like to say so They are haveing a meeting and while I write the band is playing Old Lang Syne. we have got a splendid band and they improve every day. Your talk about Neal Dows Regt. being so grand and nice. I dont see how that can be beacus the officers from the Colnel to the lance corp. have not a bit of military experience. It will be a good deal like the 5th? Me. which disgraced themselvs and the state at bull run God dliver me from being under green officers. And about the drinking part of it perhaps it will be like the crew that Dow had to work for him in his tan yard it alway had the name of being the worst drinkers in the city but never mind I am satisfide that we are the best officerd regt. from Maine. I would like to have seen your Old Folks kitchen it must have been a big affair about the carnoline there is not one woman out of a hundred wars it out here About your taking so much liberty lectuering me it is something that you always peristed In and I dont know as it is best to get mad now But I tell you Per's if you will onely write, you may lecture me as much as you please and it may do some good.  We have just been to dinner ​ a dinner and such. first came the turkey Baked in first rate style with cranberry sauce sweet pottatoes and home made bread and butter. Sardiens then came the plum puddin all it lacked was the sauce Apples peanuts chessnuts walnuts &c. take it all round we had just as good a dinner a anyone would wish If you dont believe we had a turkey I will send you the wish bone which I have just picked. Give my love to Maria I have thought of writing to her two or three times. This is a poor apology for a letter and I will try and do better next time as I do not feel very well after my big dinner I will stop now 
 +From Your Brother\\
 //Lewiston Daily Evening Journal//, November 27, 1861 //Lewiston Daily Evening Journal//, November 27, 1861
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