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 __**Primary Sources for the 8th New York Cavalry**__ __**Primary Sources for the 8th New York Cavalry**__
 +Letter of Jasper B. Cheney to his father
 +Relay House M D
 +June 3d 1862
 +Dear Father
 +Today I mailed a letter directed to you which contains a
 +draft of $50 dollars which I hope may go through safe. I have
 +no news to write today. George Winson and I talk of sending
 +some things home which we cannot carry with us if we get our
 +horses. Four men out of our Co. have taken a French furlough,
 +S. Briggs, Wm D. Adams of Otsego Co. P. Bowdish of New
 +Berlin, Lunis Low of Pitcher. They left soon after the
 +retreat. Inclosed I send my warrant, which I would like to
 +have you keep safe. I believe this is all at present.
 +J B Cheney
 +E.W. Cheney
 +Jasper B. Cheney\\ ​
 +US Army Heritage and Education Center, CWDOC Collection
 ---- ----
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