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-[[units:​21st Massachusetts Infantry|Back to 21st Massachusetts Infantry]] 
-__**Archival and Secondary Sources for the 21st Massachusetts Infantry**__ 
-  * {{:{{ :​21st_mass_inf:​21stregiment00walcrich.pdf }} History of the Twenty-first regiment, Massachusetts volunteers, in the war for the preservation of the union, 1861-1865: with statistics of the war and of Rebel prisons. Walcott, Charles F. 
-  * [[http://​​netpub/​​quickfind=272242&​sorton=filename&​catalog=catalog&​site=manuscripts&​|Henry White Diaries [manuscript],​ 1861-1864, 1880.]] 
-  * [[https://​​books?​id=pKkikyzg8L8C&​lpg=PT9&​dq=%22annapolis%20junction%22&​pg=PT5#​v=onepage&​q=%22annapolis%20junction%22&​f=false|Personal Recollections of the Civil War By James Madison Stone]] 
-  * THE STORY OF PVT. HENRY W. BROWN, THOMPSON, CT. Thompson Historical Society 
-  * [[http://​​pdf/​Private%20Henry%20W%20Brown%20Letters.pdf|The Civil War Letters of 
-Thompson, Connecticut’s Henry Washington Brown]] 
-  * [[https://​​catalog/​DUKE002372615|Letters,​ 1861-1862. Snell, William Dorance. Duke University.]] 
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