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 </​figure>​ </​figure>​
-<figure label> +---- 
-{{:{{ :​1st_ri_cav:​manufacturers_and_farmers_journal_1864-07-25_1.png?​400 |img}} + 
-<​caption>​manufacturers_and_farmers_journal_1864-07-25</​caption>​ +Manufacturers and Farmers Journal, July 25, 1864 
 +CHARGED WITH STEALING A HORSE. Charles B. Hiltz, a member of the First Rhode Island Cavalry was arrested yesterday by officer Frew, charged with picking up a horse on the road between the city and Ellicott'​s Mills, and selling it, and also with being a deserter. He admitted the picking up the horse on the road, but the party who purchased it has not as yet been found. Justice Spicer commited him for court. - Baltimore Sun. 
 +{{ :​1st_ri_cav:​manufacturers_and_farmers_journal_1864-07-25_1.png?​linkonly|}} 
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