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-[[units:1st Delaware Cavalry|Back to 1st Delaware Cavalry]]\\ ​ 
-__**Archival and Secondary Sources for the 1st Delaware Cavalry**__ 
-  * [[https://​​digital/​collection/​diaries/​search/​searchterm/​vandegrift/​field/​creato/​mode/​all/​conn/​and/​order/​title/​ad/​asc|Diary of Harrison Vandegrift, Winterthur Digial Collections]] 
-  * [[http://​​oclc/​863240887|McKee,​ R. B., Hamilton, W. N., Heald, T., Massey, G. V., Jones, T., Shields, J. H., Clark, D. C., ... Frank, E. B. (1861). Robert B. McKee papers., University of Delaware Library]] 
-  * [[https://​​Online-Guide-Collections/​9200-E04-000.pdf|Correspondence for James N. Eckles, Delaware Archives.]] 
-  * [[https://​​Online-Guide-Collections/​9200-H12-001.pdf|Sergeant Samuel Hitch Diary, 1st Delaware[?​],​ Delaware Archives.]] 
-  * [[https://​​Online-Guide-Collections/​9200-D12-001.pdf|William Townsend Downes, Sergeant Diaries. Delaware Archives]] 
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