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 U. S. Army Heritage and Education Center U. S. Army Heritage and Education Center
 +Letter of Joseph T. Michener to a Friend
 +Camp Relay Feb 1st
 +Dear Sir,
 +I now take this oppertunity of writing you a few line to fill out this shete of paper well John  I am well and enjoying good health and hope you and your wife is the sam Well John I expect You feel like a married man by this time now. you ar dun sporting around with other wimen you have tied the not with your tung that you can’t ​ unty with your teeth well I think I will close so good by my love to you and your new frow Write soon from your friend.  ​
 +Joseph T. Michener
 +I would like to had a peas of weden cake.
 +Norman Daniels Collection\\ ​
 +Harrisburg Civil War Round Table Collection\\ ​
 +U. S. Army Heritage and Education Center
 ---- ----
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