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-WIKIPEDIA - "The 138th Pennsylvania ​Infantry was organized at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,​ and mustered ​in for a three-year enlistment on August 16, 1862, under the command of Colonel Charles L. K. Sumwalt.+<​html><​center><​b><​u><​font size="+2">​The 138th Pennsylvania ​Volunteers ​in Howard County</​font></​u></​b></​center></​html>​
-The regiment was attached to Relay House, ​Defenses of Baltimore, VIII Corps, Middle Department, to February ​1863. 3rd Separate Brigade, VIII Corps, to June 1863. Elliott'​s ​CommandVIII Corps, to July 1863. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, III Corps, Army of the Potomac, to March 1864. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, VI Corps, Army of the Potomac and Army of the Shenandoah, to June 1865.+Service at Relay House, ​8/​30/​1862-6/​16/​1863. Company A at Dorsey'​s ​Switch4/​20/​1864-6/​12/​1864.\\ 
-The 138th Pennsylvania ​Infantry mustered out of service on June 23, 1865."+[[138th Pennsylvania ​Volunteers Primary Sources|Primary Sources]]\\  
 +[[138th Pennsylvania Volunteers Secondary Sources|Archival and Secondary Sources]]\\ ​
-"John F Frantz +Bucks and Bedford County
-Enlisted in A Bucks Co Company +
-on the 15th day of Aug 1862 and was sworen [sworn?] +
-in to the U S Army on the 26th day of the same +
-month at Harrisburg Pa [Pennsylvania?​] ​ I spent one +
-week in Camp Curtain at Harrisburg ​ We then got A +
-bord [aboard?​] ​ of the Cars and were quickly convade +
-[conveyed?] to the Relay House Md [Maryland?] whare +
-[where?] we halted and went in Camp we then began +
-to Experience the hardshaips [hardships?​] of Camp +
-life although we  bore it like brave boys from the +
-old key [Stone?] State of Pennsylvania [shot on?] +
-Paul Pursel was shot on the 28 of March 1863 +
-Axidentily [accidentally?​] in practis ​ [practice?​] +
-by Henry Hilbert.+
-[Pages 2&3]+WIKIPEDIA - "The 138th Pennsylvania Infantry was organized at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,​ and mustered in for a three-year enlistment on August 16, 1862, under the command of Colonel Charles L. K. Sumwalt.
-We left Camp Relay on the 20th of Aprile [April?], +The regiment was attached to Relay House, Defenses ​of BaltimoreVIII CorpsMiddle Department, to February 18633rd Separate Brigade, VIII Corps, to June 1863. Elliott'​s Command, VIII Corps, ​to July 1863. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, III Corps, Army of the Potomac, ​to March 18642nd Brigade, 3rd Division, VI Corps, Army of the Potomac ​and Army of the Shenandoahto June 1865.
-And arrived at Dorcey s Switch on the same daywhich +
-was a march of five miles. +
- +
-On the 12th June 1863. we +
-were ordered ​to pack up and go to the Relay House to +
-be ready to start on the morning ​of the [13th?] at 5 +
-O  clock but the order was countermanded on the +
-afternoon of the 12th and so we wered [were?] ordered +
-back to Dorsey s Switch on the 15th and to keep +
-ourselves in readyness [readiness?​] To go at any +
-[moment?] that we might be called upon +
- +
-We left Dorcey s Switch June +
-the 15th and arrived at Maryland Hights [Heights?​] +
-on the 10th after a hard marchthe weather was hot. +
-We were ordered to evacuate the Hights [Heights?​] +
-on the 30th of June; and so we took up the line of +
-march early in the morning ​and marched all day +
-through mud and rain and when night came we were not +
-a quarter of a mile from where we started. ​ We spent +
-part of the night in pulling down  Cannone [Cannon?] +
-from off the Hights [Heights?​]"​ - From the diary of John F. FrantzCompany A, 138th Pennsylvania. http://​​ied/​records/​52231.pdf +
- +
-<figure label> +
-{{:{{ :​138_penn_vols:​bedford_gazette_fri_sep_26_1862.jpg?​400 |img}} +
-<​caption>​bedford_gazette_fri_sep_26_1862</​caption>​ +
-</​figure>​ +
- +
-<figure label> +
-{{:{{ :​138_penn_vols:​bedford_gazette_fri_oct_10_1862.jpg?​400 |img}} +
-<​caption>​bedford_gazette_fri_oct_10_1862</​caption>​ +
-</​figure>​ +
- +
-<figure label> +
-{{:{{ :​138_penn_vols:​republican_compiler_11_17_1862.png?​400 |img}} +
-<​caption>​republican_compiler_11_17_1862</​caption>​ +
-</​figure>​ +
- +
-<figure label> +
-{{:{{ :​138_penn_vols:​methodist_1863-04-25_5.png?400 |img}} +
-<​caption>​methodist_1863-04-25</​caption>​ +
 +The 138th Pennsylvania Infantry mustered out of service on June 23, 1865."
-<figure label> 
-{{:{{ :​138_penn_vols:​adams_sentinel_6_30_1863.png?​400 |img}} 
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