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 Bellows, Jay G W. Mills, Me.\\  Bellows, Jay G W. Mills, Me.\\ 
 Boyden, Wm.  Boston\\ ​ Boyden, Wm.  Boston\\ ​
-Bowen, William J....0gdensburg, N. Y.\\ +Bowen, William J....Ogdensburg, N. Y.\\ 
 Bowyer, Harrison Boston\\ ​ Bowyer, Harrison Boston\\ ​
 Burbank, Geo. L \\  Burbank, Geo. L \\ 
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 Draper, Geo. Foxboro\\ ​ Draper, Geo. Foxboro\\ ​
 Eaton, Geo. A Boston\\ ​ Eaton, Geo. A Boston\\ ​
-Fisher, Edward ​0....Bowdoinham,​ Me. \\ +Fisher, Edward ​O....Bowdoinham,​ Me. \\ 
 Fuller, Amos L Medway\\ ​ Fuller, Amos L Medway\\ ​
 Gray, Geo. S  Boston\\ ​ Gray, Geo. S  Boston\\ ​
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