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Archival and Secondary Sources for the 3rd Pennsylvania Artillery

USAHEC Resources

  • Band, William - William Band/Arthur Martin Papers (Enlisted man's letters, Aug 30, l86lAug l2, l864)
  • Breckenridge, George A. - CWTIColl (Enlisted man's letters, Apr l9, l862-Jul 29, l863)
  • Lebanon Advertiser - HCWRTColl (Newspaper clippings, Apr 24, l86l; Aug 6, l862; Oct 8,l862; Jun l, l864; Aug 24, l864)
  • Martin, Arthur - William Bland/Arthur Martin Papers (Enlisted man's letters, Feb l4, l864-Oct 25, l865)
  • Moore, William H. “Tip” - PASaveFlagsColl-MooreFamilyColl (Enlisted men's letters,Mar 6, l862-Jul 24, l864)
  • Smith, James - HCWRTColl (Enlisted man's transcribed diary, Oct 25-27, l864; Jan lMar 30, l865; muster roll, Apr 30, l864-Jun 30, l865)
  • Townsend, Amos - HCWRTColl-BernhardColl (Enlisted man's letter, Nov l, l863)
  • Cooper, William M. - WmPrinceColl (Enlisted man's letter, Sep l5, l865)
  • Nevitt, James M. - CWTIColl (Enlisted man's transcribed diary and letter, Jun 28, l863- Dec 3, l864)
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