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 __**Primary Sources for the 147th Pennsylvania Infantry**__ __**Primary Sources for the 147th Pennsylvania Infantry**__
-<figure label> + 
-{{:{{ :​147th_pa:​alexandria_gazette_1862-09-01_5.png?​400 |img}} +---- 
-<​caption>​alexandria_gazette_1862-09-01</​caption>​ + 
-</​figure>​+//​Alexandria Gazette//, September 1, 1862 
 +A considerable addition to the military guard is being stationed along the Washington branch railroad, composed of the new regiments. The 147th Pennsylvania has just been located in the vicinity of the Relay House, in charge of a portion of the road for some distance. 
 +{{ :​147th_pa:​alexandria_gazette_1862-09-01_5.png?​linkonly|}} 
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